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Fall is by far my favorite season; mainly for all the holidays it holds: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. How was your Halloween?
Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, it’s still entertaining to see all the costumes. What do you think of mine? (You could only grab this mask for a limited time at Tokyu Hands during Halloween.)
秋は私の断然お気に入りの季節です。主に秋には色々行事があります:ハロウィーンや勤労感謝の日やクリスマス。皆さんのハロウィーンはいかがでしたか? ハロウィンを祝わないとしても、誰かが仮装するのを見るのは楽しいです!私の仮装はいかがですか?(このマスクはハロウィンの間、東急ハンズでゲットできたものです!w )


I have been busy lately with learning how to use Javascript with a little Local Storage thrown in. Two other coworkers and I participated in a class called “Javascript for REAL.” Funnily enough, after completing this course, I believe I have a better grasp of Unicage.
最近は、Javascriptでのローカルストレージの使い方を学ぶことに忙しかったです。私ともう二人同僚と一緒に二ヶ月半の間 「ほんきでJavaScript」 の講座に参加させて頂きました。おもしろいことに、この講座の後ではユ二ケージを前よりもよく把握できたと信じています。

For this class we created our own memo pad from what we learned in class. It was super challenging, and I could not do most of it on my own. My team leader likes to grin and say that he felt like he passed the course even though he didn’t officially take it.

My memo pad is quite simple; the reason for that is because I wanted to understand how to properly use local storage and see how everything is supposed to flow together.

Although my goals have altered a little from what I originally set out to do, I achieved most of them which I’m pleased about.

I created two input fields-one for the title and one for the text-which gave me some trouble.

At first I had all the code crowded together, but I have since learned it’s better to break it apart into smaller chunks.

The priority button uses the toggleClass API. I want to find a more practical use for it, but for right now that’s all it does.
重要度ボタンは、toggleClass API機能を使用します。今はそれで終わりですが、私はもっと実践的な使用法を見つけたいです。

If we decide to edit it, the information is pulled into these two hidden input text boxes. Here we can edit and save the changes back to the selected memo. Even if we have multiple memos it always saves to the original selected memo. I’m currently looking into getting the delete button to work the same way.
もしメモを編集しようとするなら、情報は2つの非表示にしたinput textにひっぱられます。ここで選択されたメモに対して、編集、差分の保存ができます。たとえ複数のメモが合っても、オリジナルの選択されたメモに対して保存ができます。削除ボタンも同様に動く方法を探しています。


First we input some words, and press add memo where it is automatically saved to Local Storage

Currently it only saves the top most memo, but when I incorporate the auto save with numbers perhaps that will change.

Local Storage is really useful, so get out there and start using it if you aren’t already!
ローカルストレージとは本当に便利なものなので、まだ 使ったことがない人は早速使ってみてね !